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       Our logo is an example of an everlasting God, faith, and hope!  The TRIANGLE represents the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church but also the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!


       The TRIANGLE is always merging into another TRIANGLE that represents constant TRANSFORMATION, ever growing, ever changing.  The dominant color scheme is PURPLE which signifies loyalty and royalty but ultimately the polity of our AME Zion Church, the EPISCOPACY - the BISHOPS!


        There is a hint of ROYAL BLUE which is the color worn by the Presiding Elders who are always supporting the EPISCOPACY of our Zion.  In the circle are the initials of our new merged Presiding Elder District (NRH) the New Rock Hill District!


        The circle represents a never ending brotherhood and sisterhood of believers, family, team - the circle of life to the glory of God!

AME Zion History

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church professes the historical faith in God, who by Himself – outpouring, was manifest incarnate in Jesus Christ for our salvation. By God’s grace and the power of His Holy Spirit all believers become the new humanity. The incarnation having reached its completion in Jesus, who is the Christ, is continuing in the Church and is overcoming the calamity of the human predicament. We strive in the hope that the Church will grow from sinful existence through purification to oneness with God. 

Our Heritage in doctrine and our present theological task demand that we renew our faith and understanding of the love of God, our Father, and the Lordship of His Son, Jesus. We believe that all who have faith in Him will be empowered and invigorated by the Holy Spirit to risk all for the reconciling work and fulfillment of the Kingdom of God. 

NRHD Leadership Team

Bishop Mildred B. Hines

Presiding Bishop

Dr. Gwendolyn Brumfield

Missionary Supervisor

Rev. Sharon A. Browning

Presiding Elder

(c) (803) 524-3673 

NRHD Official Administration Staff

AME Zion
Barbara Epps
Titus Thon
Ms. Marsha Williams

Presiding Elder's Administrator Assistant

(c) (803) 762-3203

Ms. Barbara J. Epps

Presiding Elder's Personal Secretary

(c) (704) 621-6203

Rev. Titus Thorn

District Treasurer

(c) (704) 724-3427

Jonty Leak
Rev. Jonty Leak

Financial Secretary

(c) (919) 302-7676

April Richardson
Rev. April Richardson

District Secretary

(c) (803) 242-9014

Shirley Miller
Mrs. Shirley Miller

Assistant District Secretary

(c) (704) 616-7563

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